South Central PA Robotics Competition8.0


2018 Competition

The Final Round

The South Central PA Robotics Competition8.0 Competition was held at Penn State Harrisburg on November 17, 2018, with competitors from six local schools and organizations. This year's competition was organized by Penn State Harrisburg, HACC, and Harrisburg International Composite Squadron 306. Students from Penn State Harrisburg served on the organizing committee, and as judges and mentors for the competition.

Before the competition, free robot kits were provided to the high schools, thanks to the competition's sponsors. As a result, students were able to familiarize themselves with the kits before the competition. In addition, prior to the contest, Penn State Harrisburg Computer Science students provided guidance for some high schools to help students prepare for the contest.

For the first round of the competition, the students had three hours to complete six tasks, requiring the students to program their robots for various challenges involving sensing, movement, and control. The top four teams then competed in a final round to determine the winners. The final round, shown in the image at the left, consisted of a race to through a large maze. All of the contestants from the top three teams received prizes at the competition.


Final Results


The final results from the competition are listed below.


First Place Team:

  • Gunnar Leisey (Susquehanna Twp High School)
  • Patrick Thieblemont (Susquehanna Twp High School)
  • Tristan Burke (Susquehanna Twp High School)


Second Place Team:

  • Bobby Chan (Susquehanna Twp High School)
  • Joshua Garcia (Susquehanna Twp High School)
  • Shaye Dietrich (Susquehanna Twp High School)


Third Place Team:

  • Mason Bennett (Civil Air Patrol)
  • Edward Evans (Civil Air Patrol)
  • Samuel Dougherty (Civil Air Patrol)


Fourth Place Team:

  • Daniel Evans (Civil Air Patrol)
  • Carter Ormsbee (Civil Air Patrol)
  • Ethan Martin (Elizabethtown Area Middle School)