South Central PA Robotics Competition2.0

2012 Competition

The Final Round

The South Central PA Robotics Competition2.0 Competition was held at HACC on November 17, 2012, with competitors from Steelton-Highspire High School, Harrisburg High School, Dauphin County Technical School, Cumberland-Perry Technical School, and HACC. This year's competition was organized by Penn State Harrisburg, HACC, Dauphin County Tech and Cumberland and Perry Tech. Students from Penn State Harrisburg served as judges and mentors for the competition.

Before the competition, free robot kits were provided to the high schools, thanks to the competition's sponsors. As a result, students were able to familiarize themselves with the kits before the competition. In addition to Penn State Harrisburg and HACC, the competition received generous support from the IEEE Susquehanna Section and the IEEE Region 2.

For the competition, students were assigned to a random team, with most students working with teammates from another school. The students had three hours to complete three tasks. The top four teams then competed in a final round to determine the winners. The final round, shown in the image at the left, consisted of a race to the center of a large maze. All of the contestants from the top four teams received certificates and vouchers good for a free three-credit course at HACC. The final results from the competition are listed below.

2012 Competition Results


First Place Team

  • Sabastian Nailor, Cumberland and Perry VoTech
  • Stephen M. Langford, HACC
  • Arjun Blum, Montgomery Blair High School


Second Place Team

  • Matthew Bernick, Cumberland and Perry VoTech
  • Jordan Brown, Cumberland and Perry VoTech


Third Place Team

  • Cody Jacob, Dauphin County Tech
  • Hunter Trout, Cumberland and Perry VoTech


Fourth Place Team

  • Jacob Greenisen, Cumberland and Perry VoTech
  • Dylan Kroah, HACC

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