Computing Facilities

Students have access to several PC and Macintosh labs maintained by the Information Techology Services as well as two computer labs (Sun Labs) maintained by the program. A local usage guide describing how to get started using the Sun Lab machines is available. Peripherals such as highspeed printers, laser printers, plotters and scanners are also distributed in the labs. All machines are connected to a local area network and to the Internet. Mathematical software which includes calculus, algebraic, and graphing capabilities is provided as well as standard software packages such as wordprocessors, database, spreadsheet, compilers and course-specific software. Additionally, students have access to an IBM mainframe and Sun workstations at the University Park campus. Each student is given an access account which provides Email services as well as a connection to the Internet from a home computer. The program also allocates space on a Web server for students to keep their own Web pages. Students are also encouraged to read the department's policy on computer usage.

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